The Posing Guide for Photographers and Models

January 26, 2012

New iOS app dedicated to people posing for photographs is available on iTunes Store. Posing App is a cheat sheet for photographers and models with a variety of poses to choose from for any shooting scenario. The poses are divided into several categories, each pose is a clear hand drawn illustration. Many professional photographers use some kind of posing samples to make their work more productive and finally such a resource is available in convenient mobile app form.

Have you ever looked at your portrait pictures and thought “Gee why does it look so lifeless and stiff? How can I get more interesting, engaging, artistic and creative results?" Well, there are a few simple steps that anyone can take to dramatically improve their photos and this is where Posing App comes in. Basically it is a reference guide for both photographers and models on posing and basic tips on people photography.

We all know how it feels while making a photograph. We are usually a bit shy and nervous in the process of taking pictures. We need confidence and guidance – what to do, how to pose. Posing App is perfect companion in such situations. As a photographer you never run out of ideas in your photo shoot, and as a model you will feel more confident in what you're doing. Also, an informed discussion between the model and the photographer about which pose is or isn't working in any particular situation is always very productive. Even the pros (despite knowing number of poses by heart) use this kind of “posing cheat sheet” technique in their everyday work with models, because it just works!

Posing App includes a variety of posing categories: Children, Couples, Portraits, Women, Men, Groups and Weddings. It is simple enough for anyone to secure at least a dozen pictures that really stand out. In total 140 carefully selected poses are presented, offering a wide choice in any modeling scenario. Each pose comes with additional tips or comments and can be added to favorites for easy access later.

There are a number of posing applications on the market, however Posing App is different. What you usually see in other posing references are real photos. In Posing App, however, all poses are presented as expressive hand drawn illustrations. This makes a huge difference! Using somebody else's photo as a sample is just awkward, because you will never reproduce the same pose and you will never look the same as the other person. In contrast, illustrations are only body outlines, so it's very simple for a model to understand and recreate the pose. Illustrations aren't so restrictive either, the model can be creative and come up with different variants on her own. Initial pose works simply as guidance for something to start with. This is the reason why Posing App is already very well perceived by professional photographers!

If you are willing to take your people photography to the next level, Posing App is the perfect starting point!

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